Core Values

Our Core Values

Unity: If you can’t resolve your problems in peace, you can’t solve them with war. ~ Somalian proverb
Before we are anything else, we are people of African descent. Therefore, no matter our ideology, we strive for economic progress for all those connected to the African diaspora. When we unify our efforts, we are unstoppable.
Education: It is one word of advice that one needs to give to a wise man, and that word keeps multiplying in his mind. ~Nigerian Proverb

Our mission involves inspiring change and innovation through sharing knowledge. As we receive information we pass it on to our members and the surrounding community.

Access: The wealth which enslaves the owner isn’t wealth. – Yoruba

As tax paying citizens, we understand that the high cost of goods and services are mostly absorbed into the corporations where we spend and the tax base of our cities, states, federal government. Therefore, we regularly knock on the doors of these entities for access to the wealth we generate.

Development: A borrowed ax doesn’t take long to get broken. – African proverb

Our vision involves taking the courageous leap to building and implementing systems that serve the needs of our own communities.

Opportunity: If an opportunity is not taken when it comes up, it passes away. Ghanaian proverb

Our organizational culture requires that as relevant opportunities present themselves, we bring our members into the fold. We communicate new opportunities to learn, expand business, and build relationships every time they come up.