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Nik of Time Travel Agency

My name is Nikki McGregory! I am a Travel Event Specialist and the Owner of Nik of Time Travel, LLC. 

I am a certified Travel Agent with IATAN, CLIA, Travel Leaders and PTANA. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management.

I was asked by a VERY influential woman Claudine L. Ellis "What was my WHY?" and it stumped me. If you really know me, I'm never lost for words. My answer is "This is whom I am destined to be"

I remember in the 5th grade we had 3 options for our school trip: take a bus to New York, take a bus to Washington DC or take a plane to Mexico. So, of course, I'm wanna go to Mexico right? I remember my mom Brenda Dale couldn't afford it...But she sacrificed and did what she had to do so that I could go. That trip changed my life. It lit a fire in me that I knew I wanted to see the world.

I joined the Navy to see the world and to be able to retire at 38 years old. Those were my only two goals. If I advanced in the process then so be it. I met my goals. Not anyone else's. My two rates in the military were Quartermaster and Navy Career Counselor and I was always a part of MWR or some events committee... Tell me that didn't set me up for MY life now. I have been retired from the Navy since 2011.

My family and friends will tell you that even before I was a Travel Event Specialist...I was the trip planner. All they wanted to know were the dates and how much because they knew I was going to take care of the rest.

My hubby and I were together for 3 months...I found us a trip to the Bahamas...we were so broke, we had to wait until payday to hit while on the trip to eat like we wanted to. I remember we had $10 together. We bought a Domino’s Pizza. It was the BEST. Every time we go to Freeport Bahamas we get a Domino’s Pizza still today.

I remember walking around the park with DaShone and I said: "I think I am going to become a Travel Agent". They were very supportive!! On that walk was were "Nik of Time Travel" was born and I haven't stopped since. Thanks, Terri and Janet!  

Ti'Juana was my FIRST Client/Sis. She made sure my first group trip was epic. Almost 50 people and I appreciate her for that. I also appreciate my friends that travel with me every year...Felicia, Anita, and Shawn.

I Love to see people travel even if it is not with me. The world is so beautiful, interesting and exciting.

Yes! I APPRECIATE people booking with me and repeatedly booking with me and recommending my service because...This is me...This is who I am. I love what I do. Most of all I have FULL support from my hubby, my children, my family, and my friends.

This has (correction) IS GOING to work because I can't see myself doing anything Thanks for reading Whoop Whoop!!

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