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Smoothie Stop Care

Smoothie Stop is focused on offering a healthy alternative to its customers

Smoothie Stop is a family owned business that was inspired by one of the founding member’s 105 year old great grandmother, Charlotte Anne Berry. Smoothie Stop opened its first kiosk in March of 2018, and six months later opened its first store front.

At Smoothie stop our focus is to produce delicious and healthy smoothies and cold pressed juices that are low in calories and sugar. All of our smoothies and cold pressed juices are made with fresh fruit and vegetables for the best quality.

Every day our mission is to produce the most satisfying and nutritious smoothies and cold pressed juices containing little sugar except that which comes from the fruit itself. With the combination of a family friendly atmosphere, exceptional customer service, and a healthy product Smoothie Stop is ready to serve you!

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Black Brand is a 501(c)(3) organization. Our mission is to promote group economics through professional development and community empowerment.

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P.O. Box 385, Norfolk, Virginia
(757) 541-2680