About Us


Black BRAND is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that stands for Business Research Analytics Networking and Development. As the Regional Black Chamber of Commerce for the Hampton Roads and Dan River Regions, our mission is to promote group economics through professional development and community empowerment. As the Black Chamber of Commerce, our mission is to transform our local, regional, and national community through unity, education, access, opportunity, and development.

Our Vision


Black BRAND will help our members build scalable businesses that employ qualified staff and leverage tomorrow’s technology; advance our partner’s missions by building valuable connections; and anchor our families and community in strong values while competing on a global level. We are intent on creating a new narrative for our businesses and families with the understanding that no one cares for our people like we do!

Our Values






JUNE 25, 2016

The Beginning

On June 25, 2016, at the Slover Library (235 E. Plume St.) in downtown Norfolk, the first meeting for Black BRAND commenced under the meeting name Economic Empowerment and Group Economics hosted by Everyday Activism, which was a grassroots organization that address social ills that plague the Black community. This is group was one of initial efforts by husband and wife team and Black BRAND Co-founders, Bashiri and Blair Durham.

JULY 30, 2016

Initial Officers Selected for Appointment

The following meeting was on Saturday, July 30 at the home of Bashiri and Blair Durham. During this meeting, a presentation was given by Dr. Neale Jackson, who gave a presentation on unity and described the Sanfoka bird and spiritual aspect of the organization. Within this meeting, the name “Black BRAND” was adopted and officers were selected for leadership.

JUNE 25, 2016

First Dues Collected

First dues were collected in August 2016 of $50 per household for the leadership team and organization meeting dates were established.


Black BRAND Receives Corporation and 501c3 Status

Black BRAND officially became an organization on Sept. 22, 2016—gained status with the State Corporation Commission (SCC) and officially gained 501(c)(3) status on Oct. 20, which was also made effective on Sept. 22.

NOVEMBER 25, 2016

The Black Diamond Affair

Black BRAND introduced itself to the community with the event The Black Diamond Affair, which was a community empowerment event within Hampton Roads. The organization highlighted successful business owners and community leaders, gained memberships and leveraged the Black business community. The event gathered 300 people at the Wyndam Hotel in downtown Norfolk.


The Black BRAND Institute

In February, the Black BRAND Institute was established. The Institute is a highly engaging and focused curriculum designed to address the needs of burgeoning and seasoned business owners while simultaneously providing a solution to build more business owners and restore familyhood among consumers and business owners alike.

Our story continues

Black BRAND continues to impact Hampton Roads with community forums, events, economic empowerment programs and advocacy efforts.