LaKeisha Carey is a dynamic attorney, philanthropist, professor, and published author who is passionate about continuing education, serving the community and using her resources to impact those around her positively. Inspiring, relevant, and relatable, she is dedicated to using her struggles and successes to help others triumph.
From 2011-2014, Lakeisha was a practicing attorney representing children in Monroe, Louisiana. During that time, she also authored her first children’s book titled “Cankeyo” You Can Keep Your Dreams Alive! In addition to being barred in the State of Louisiana, Lakeisha is also barred in the State of Virginia. She is a Founding Board member of Vision Academy, a co-founder of Don Carey REECH Foundation, and sits on several boards for other nonprofit organizations such as Communities in School, and Neighborhood. Lakeisha has also been a seasoned and certified grant writer and nonprofit consultant for almost a decade. She is currently an entrepreneur and the business owner of Carey Consultant Firm where she helps with business formation, nonprofits, grant writing, wills and estate, contracts, and personal injury cases.